Table 1A: Individual Single-Family and Two-Family Zoning Nonconformity Analysis for Proposed New Zoning House Types and Setbacks
 [8/7/20 Proposed Article 3 Draft. Districts (except R4), single family house type assignments, and Sasaki measured dimensions from 2019 ZAP Build-out analysis.  Story height, lot size, ground floor from 2020 Assessors database. New R4 assignments were obtained separately from Planning Department.]
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Red Cells indicate nonconforming dimension or type in Proposed New Zoning. Purple Cells indicate type allowed with special permit in Proposed New Zoning. The "o" or "n" suffix in the district means older lot zoning (<1954) or newer lot zoning. "NoSP:FD" refers to the side-by-side "Family Duplex" style that is not a specified House Type, except possibly as a "Townhouse Section" allowed in the N District Only. The specified story/ footprint limit for two townhouses was used for NoSp:FD.
Street Number Current
 Lot Size
Ground Floor Current Zoning District Proposed Zoning District Proposed House Type Current # of stories Sasaki Measured Footprint  Sasaki Measured Side Setback Sasaki Measured Rear Setback
Number Sq. Ft. Sq. Ft. Name Name Name # Sq. Ft. Ft. Ft.
Table 1B: Individual Single-Family and Two Family Dimensional Standards
[For House Type Assignments, 0=nonconforming in district, 1 = allowed with special permit,
2 =allowed by right.]
Street Selected House Type Assignments from 2019 Build-Out Analysis. Specifications from 8/7/20 Aritcle 3 Draft: Story Height, footprint, allowed district set by House Type Assignment. Setbacks set by District Assignment.
Street Number Current Zoning District Proposed Zoning District Proposed House Type House Type Allowed:  Proposed # Stories Limit Proposed Footprint Limit Proposed Limit Side Setback Proposed Limit Rear Setback Current Limit Side Setback Current Limit Rear Setback
number Name Name Letter See key above # Sq, Ft Ft. Ft. Ft. Ft.
      Proposed 8/7/20 Zoning Current Zoning