Table 1A: Individual Single-Family and Two-Family Zoning Nonconformity
 Analysis for Proposed New Zoning House Types and Setbacks as of 4/26/21
Red Cells mean nonconforming dimension or type in
Proposed  New Zoning. "House Type" is the address-specific
House Type assigned by Planning Department, rather than
the largest House Type allowed in district.  The "o" or "n"
suffix in the  district means older lot zoning (<1954) or newer
lot zoning.  "NoSP:FD" refers to the side-by-side
"Family Duplex" style that is not a specified House Type.
Street Number Current
 Lot Size
Ground Floor + Attached Garage Current Zoning District Proposed Zoning District House Type
Assigned by
Planning Dept.
# of
Sasaki Measured Footprint  Sasaki Measured Side Setback Sasaki Measured Rear Setback
Number Sq. Ft. Sq. Ft. Name Name Name # Sq. Ft. Ft. Ft.
Table 1B: Individual Single-Family and Two Family Dimensional Standards as of 2/12/21
[For House Type Assignments, 0=nonconforming in district, 2 =allowed by right.]
Street Selected House Type Assignments from 2019 Build-Out Analysis.
 Specifications from 8/7/20 Aritcle 3 Draft: Story Height, footprint,
allowed district set by House Type Assignment.
Setbacks set by District Assignment.
Street Number Current Zoning District Proposed Zoning District Proposed House Type House Type Allowed:  Proposed # Stories Limit Proposed Footprint Limit Proposed Limit Side Setback Proposed Limit Rear Setback Current Limit Side Setback Current Limit Rear Setback
number Name Name Letter See key above # Sq, Ft Ft. Ft. Ft. Ft.
      Proposed 8/7/20 Zoning Current Zoning