About NewtonRezoning.org

NewtonRezoning.org presents reference links, data analysis, and fact-checking of the Newton rezoning process which began in October 2018. It is the work of Debra Waller, a mechanical engineer and (financial instrument) market risk analyst. NewtonRezoning.org and Debra Waller are NOT affiliated with any government and do NOT offer legal advice.

NewtonRezoning.org was released to the general public on 12/13/20. On 7/24/21, Debra Waller became a candidate for Newton's Ward 5 City Council.  To read about Debra's positions, or to donate, please visit WallerForNewton.org.

All of the data in NewtonRezoning.org comes from publicly funded government sources and was obtained from government websites or from public record requests. The data entry and data presentations have been checked multiple times, but if any errors are identified, these will be fixed and the fix will be clearly acknowledged in the Release Documentation. If data comes from government websites, those government links are provided by NewtonRezoning.org, whenever possible, so that users can download the data themselves.

NewtonMa.gov remapped its links on 12/1/20, however, and NewtonRezoing.org temporarily downloaded all newtonma.gov cited documents to NewtonRezoning.org for direct access, until the new links are located. NewtonRezoning.org will eventually remap the links back to NewtonMa.gov to comply with NewtonRezoning.org's policy of providing all government source links to users.

Please contact NewtonRezoning.org with questions, suggestions for future content, and to report any errors, using the Contact Form.