Table 1A: Newton's Proposed Ordinance Draft Process  -  30 meetings in 2 years with 1 Proposed Full Ordinance Version and 0 Public Hearings. 19 of the 30 meetings are on Article 3: Residence Districts.  Article 3 has 3 versions (V1, V2, V3); Articles 2 and 9 have 2 versions (V1,V2). Remaining ordinance articles have only the initial 2018 V1 version.
Meeting Number and Date Event and Links to Documentation. Zoning Ordinance Draft Versions are in Red. Rezoning appears as Item #76-18 (1/16/18 to 7/30/18), Item #518-18 (10/22/18 to 3/25/19), and Item #88-20 (1/27/20 to current date) in City Council meetings. Most meetings cited can also be viewed at (searched by "Zoning and Planning) with the warning that the meetings are usually at least 3 hours long. Meeting numbers are only assigned in table  to City Council or City Council Committee meetings where the  Proposed New Ordinance draft is the topic. Rezoning Draft Marketing Campaign Phase
1/16/18 #75-18 "Discussion relative to the Zoning Redesign Event Series" and #76-18 "Discussion relative to the draft policy content outline of Zoning Ordinance" are introduced at 1/16/18 City Council Meeting A: Pre-Draft Phase -
1/16/18 to 7/30/18

Based on the pattern-book data, Sasaki presents form-based zoning with three house types, where house type footprint specifications vary by district and have large dimensions, designed to encompass 90% of existing houses. The process is gradual with only an updated map draft planned for October 2018. Suddenly, however, beginning in July 2018, the Mayor's staff (planning, ISD, Law), without Sasaki, "writes" the entire proposed zoning ordinance in a few months and delivers a 232 page draft version in October 2018 to the Zoning and Planning Committee. The "writing" process appears to rely heavily on the pasting together of other zoning codes, especially the Somerville rezoning draft code. The House Type footprint specifications of the October 2018 release are much smaller than the Sasaki suggested footprints, resulting in much higher nonconformities for all of Newton's single-family and two-family homes.
4/30/18 Undocketed Item Number: Special Meeting of ZAP and Land Use with Sasaki Presentation on upcoming proposed zoning map, districts, building types.
4/30/18 Planning Agenda Memo
4/30/18 Sasaki Presentation
  Presentation at last public Zoning Redesign Event. House Type suggested specifications are presented as Three House Types with Footprint Dimensions set by district. Stated Next Steps  are 1) Collect Feedback, 2) Council Meetings Ward-by-Ward. 3) Define Next Draft Map October 2018. The planned  October 2018 Draft version of the map becomes the October 2018 Version of the proposed comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.
5/10/18  Presentation at last public Zoning Redesign Event. 
6/11/18 Planning Department presents OUTLINE of Draft Zoning Ordinance. Outline has only 3 house building types for single/two-families. Campus/Recreation Districts not mentioned. The meeting report states that "The outline reflects work with the consultant, Sasaki Associates and the many different ideas that have been discussed in public meetings and Committee."
6/11/18 Planning Agenda Memo
6/11/18 Planning Memo #76-18
6/11/18 ZAP Meeting Report
6/25/18 #76-18; Summary of 5/10/18 Zoning Redesign Event
6/25/18 Planning Agenda Memo (#76-18: pgs. 40-43) 
6/25/18 ZAP Memo Report (pgs. 3, 63-67, Pow Pt(63-67) Report states that districts have been selected.
7/16/18 #76-18: Introduction to new Planning Consultant and Land Use Attorney Joel Russell who will be helping to write new comprehensive ordinance.
7/16/18 Planning Agenda Memo (#76-18: pgs. 55-57)
7/16/18 ZAP Meeting Report (#76-18: pgs. 5-8,9-36, Pow Pt: 9-36)
7/30/18 Planning Department presents Table of Contents for New Zoning ordinance, Zoning Map, and Building Types include 4 house types.
7/30/18 Planning Agenda Memo (pgs. 26-28)
7/30/18 ZAP Meeting Report (pgs.,  Pow Pt:21-31)
#518-18 First Presentation of 10/19/2018 Draft by Planning Department to Zoning and Planning (ZAP) Committee. Draft is 232 pages, includes 12 Articles, uses highly modified form-based zoning, and is intended  to replace the entire current ordinance. Planning Department also releases Planning Memo and ZAP posts Proposed Draft schedule with full 12 article Proposed Ordinance Public Hearing scheduled for 9/23/19. Planning Department also releases a memo (link below) stating that the ZBA should take over M.G.L. 40A §6 rulings  from the Land Use Committee, because  "the new ordinance significantly reduces the instances of nonconformity," a claim that is proven 100% false by the Pattern Book data. Planning Memo also states that "The existing Zoning Ordinance ties the maximum size of a building to the size of the lot, most directly by using the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) tool. The proposed ordinance separately regulates lot size and building size, and the standards for both are derived from the existing built characteristics of the City and its neighborhoods." Separating building size regulation from lot size, while also abolishing minimum lot size, is something no one else in the country appears to be doing, including Somerville. B: Draft Data Marketing Campaign -
10/22/18 to 3/25/19

Planning Department markets rezoning as coming from  Pattern Book and Special Permit data, but then data is shown not to support proposed ordinance. Specifically, Build-out Analysis shows that proposed new ordinance increases possible house sizes, so House Type dimensions are adjusted. Then Special Permit Data analysis showing that FAR increases Special Permits is found to have inaccurate data.
10/19/2018 Draft Zoning Ordinance V1
10/22/18 Planning Agenda Memo  (#518-18: pg. 73-82)
10/22/18  ZAP Report (#518-18: pgs. 23-47: PowPt: 23-47)
#518-18 Discussion of Article 3: Single Residence Districts
11/26/18 Planning Agenda Memo (518-18: pg. 145-152)
11/26/18 ZAP Report (#518-18: pg. 125-185: PowPt: pgs. 125-185)
Overview of Proposed Zoning and Washington Street presented by Planning Department to City Council. 
#518-18: Brief Continued Discussion of Article 3: Single Residence Districts
12/10/18 Planning Agenda Memo (#518-18: pg. 111-115)
12/10/18 ZAP Report (#518-18: pg. 11-12)
#518-18: Discussion of Article 4: Village Districts
1/14/19 Agenda Memo (#518-18: pg. 220-227)
1/14/19 Agenda Memo (#518-18: pg. 9-12, 63-85 PowPt: 63-85)
#518-18: Brief Continued Discussion of Article 4: Village Districts
Discussion of Articles 5,6,7: Single Purpose Districts
1/28/19 Planning Department Memo (518-18: pg. 32-40)
1/28/19 ZAP Report (#518-18: pg. 14-17, 42-57, PowPt: pgs. 42-57)
#518-18: Discussion of All Districts plus Build-Out Analysis: Formal New Draft is not issued but some dimensional standards are "adjusted" to decrease teardowns in Build-out Analysis because the rezoning's original proposed dimensional standards were found to INCREASE rather than DECREASE teardowns.
2/25/19 Planning Department Memo (#518-18: pgs. 20-28)
2/25/19 ZAP Report Including Build-Out Analysis and Dimensional Standard Adjustments (#518-18: pgs. 2-63, PowPt pgs. 11-62)
#518-18: Discussion of Articles 10&11: Development Review Process. Planning presents discussion of problems with current process, including Table showing  "Annual Number of Special Permit Applications" as a function of year. Some City Councilors questioned the numbers used in Special Permit frequency and type analysis.
3/11/19 Planning Agenda Memo (518-18: pgs. 26-32)
3/11/19 ZAP Meeting Report (#518-18: pgs. 6-10, 16-32, PowPt  pgs. 16-32)
 3/15/19 Mayor Fuller Suspends Rezoning Effort until 2020
#518-18: Planning Department acknowledges and explains errors in Special Permit Data presented at 3/11/19 Meeting and presents revised rezoning schedule. Plan is to suspend meetings in 2019, present a second draft in January 2020 with passage vote planned at the end of 2020.
3/25/19 Planning Agenda Memo(#518-18 pgs. 21-40)
3/25/19 ZAP Meeting Report (#518-18 pgs. 3-4)
3/25/19 to
ZAP Meetings on Rezoning are suspended. Both leaders of the rezoning effort,  the Deputy Director of Planning and Development (James Freas), and the Long Range Planner/Zoning Specialist (Rachel Nadkarni), leave the Newton Government. Jennifer Caira becomes the new Deputy Director of Planning & Development and Zachery LeMel becomes the new Chief of Long Range Planning , with Mr. LeMel being hired by Newton in November 2019, and Ms. Ciara being promoted from within the Planning Department, also in November 2019. Mr. LeMel and Ms. Caira are new leaders of the rezoning effort. Rezoning Suspended
Newton Rezoning is reintroduced as undocketed item and a target vote date of the end of 2021, rather than end of 2020. Planning Memo is issued with a bibliography of 90+ Links to "historical documents" backing up the need for rezoning. There is no link to a document of City Council discussion or vote to discard FAR in favor of Form-Based zoning, because that event did not occur. There is also no link to document describing 1/28/19 ZAP discussion of the 100'  buildings being allowed in Campus/Institutional Districts even though that event did occur and would be of interest to many Newton residents. C: Draft History Marketing Campaign -
1/13/20 to 6/15/20

Dozens of "Historical Documents" are repeatedly referenced to market rezoning as the culmination of years of work. This strategy includes  truncating statements in FAR Working Group report to imply a rejection of FAR that was never made. This phase also includes long Planning Department power-point presentations at ZAP meetings that simply reiterate the distributed written documentation, while using up the entire meeting time. Dissenting opinions or questions about why FAR is being rejected or why all homes will be nonconforming or why attached houses are now only allowed in one tiny district  - are all ignored. Data is never used. By right multi-unit conversion is also never discussed until 6/15/20 meeting when it appears as question by the Planning Department. By the next 6/29/20 meeting, however, multi-unit conversion and two-family by right will emerge as the entire reason for the rezoning, aided by the Boston Globe.

 The Pattern Book Consultant Sasaki's GIS data shows that nonconformity rises from 54% to 94% for Newton's Single-Family population, even though the new ordinance was supposed to decrease nonconformity.
1/13/2020 Planning Agenda (Undocketed Item, pgs. 2-15)
1/13/2020 Zap Report (Zoning is undocketed item: pgs. 10-25, PowPt: 10-35)
Newton Rezoning is reintroduced as item #88-20 with continued reliance on "historical documents" rather than data to justify proposed new zoning. This approach includes truncating quotes from the FAR Work Group to justify abandoning FAR - an editing that gives the quotes a meaning that the full quotes do not.
1/27/20 Planning Agenda Memo containing truncated FAR Working Group memo quotes (#88-20: pgs. 5-13)
1/27/20 ZAP Meeting Report (#88-20: pgs. 7-8,27-49, PowPt: 27-49)
05/2010 FAR Working Group Report misquoted in 1/27/20 Planning Agenda Memo
#88-20 Schedule and Summary of Issues
2/10/20 Planning Agenda Memo Containing Rezoning Ordinance Schedule with Article 3 scheduled to conclude June/2020 (#88-20, pgs. 1-5)
2/10/20 Councilor Baker Letter
2/10/20 ZAP Meeting Report (#88-20: pgs. 2-28: PowPt:13-28
#88-20 Overview of entire Rezoning Ordinance including Guide to Reading the Ordinance and summary of past issues
2/24/20 Planning Agenda Memo (#88-20:pgs. 8-21)  
2/24/20 ZAP Meeting Report (#88-20, pgs. 3-6, 12-39, PowPt: 12-39)
#88-20 Article 3 Residence Districts
2/28/20 Draft Zoning Ordinance V2 - Article 3 Only
3/9/20 Planning Agenda Memo (#88-20: pgs. 3-4)
3/9/20 Zap Meeting Report (#88-20: pgs. 1-5, 8-49, PowPt: 8-49)
#88-20 Article 3 Residence Districts with Focus on Building Types and Tear Downs
3/23/20 Planning Agenda Memo
3/13/20 Planning Memo on Building Types (#88-20: pgs. 1-6)
3/20/20 Draft Zoning Ordinance V2 of Article 2:General Standards and Article 9: Use Regulations.
3/23/20 ZAP Meeting Report (#88-20: pgs. 3-8, 16-100, PowPt: pgs. 18-100) pages 16  & 17 contain letters from City Councilors Wright and Baker 
#88-20 Article 3 Residence Districts - Building Types Continued
4/13/20 Planning Agenda Memo
4/3/20 Planning Memo on #88-20
4/10/20 Letter from Councilor Baker on #88-20
4/13/20 ZAP Meeting Report (#88-20: pgs5-11,43-45,43-110: PowPt:46-110) 
#88-20 Article 3 Residence Districts - Garages, Driveways, Building Components. At this meeting,  ZAP also votes on the goals of the rezoning:
1. Housing: A zoning code more responsive to a demand for housing that serves a range of incomes. Promote sustainable community development patterns. 2. Sustainability: Environmental stewardship, fiscal strength and meeting community needs, 3. Context: Preserve and protect what we like in our neighborhoods. Encourage new development to fit in the context of our neighborhoods and villages.
4/27/20 Planning Agenda Memo
4/17/20 Planning Memo #88-20
4/24/20 Questions from Councilor Baker
4/27/20 ZAP Meeting Report (#88-20: pgs.1-8, 10-61: PowPt: 11-61) Stated goals (above) are on page 8.
#88-20 Article 3 Residence Districts - Garages, Driveways, Building Components
5/19/20 Planning Agenda Memo
5/19/20 ZAP Meeting Report (#88-20: pgs. 7-10,78-160, PowPt: 78-160)
#88-20 Article 3 Residence Districts - Schedule and  Building Components
6/1/20 Planning Agenda Memo
6/1/20 ZAP Meeting Report (#88-20, pgs. 1-71: PowPt: 13-71)
#88-20 Article 3 Residence Districts - Alternative Lot/Building Configurations/Parking. Includes Multi-Unit Conversion. Both current zoning and proposed zoning V2 allow single-family multi-unit conversion with a special permit and with size/age limits on building or lot.  At this meeting, the Planning Department first questioned ZAP  if multi-unit conversion should be made by right and if more House Types should be eligible for conversion.
6/15/20 Planning Agenda Memo
6/05/20 Planning Memo #88-20
6/15/20 Councilor Wrights Comments
6/15/20 ZAP Meeting Report pgs. 10-47
#88-20: Planning Department issues memo stating that "Multi-unit conversion (sec. 3.5.2) is a regulation that can help achieve the Committee’s goals of increasing housing opportunity and diversity while preserving and protecting what is desirable in Newton’s neighborhoods. To better achieve these goals there appeared to be consensus that staff should explore a) allowing multi-unit conversion in more building types and b) not requiring a Special Permit for all multi-unit conversions. Finally, there appeared to be consensus that 100% affordable or sustainably designed multi-unit conversion projects should be incentivized." The memo also states that "Over many years, building from the 2007 Comprehensive Plan, the City Council has consistently affirmed goals and guiding principles for Newton’s zoning to better increase housing opportunity and diversity especially near public transportation and village centers," before asking if Single-Family-Only zoning should be abolished within which specified distances of Mass Transit. Memo also helpfully explains that "This does not mean single-family homes would be prohibited. Rather, the zoning district would allow a mixture of residential building types that include single-family and multi-family housing types." D: Draft Crisis Marketing  Campaign -
6/29/20 to the Present

Discussion of Article 3 had been scheduled to conclude at the end of June. Instead, on 6/29/20, after 20 ZAP meetings on the rezoning, the Planning Department suddenly suggests abolishing Single Residence zones near transit and making multi-unit conversions by right, instead of by Special Permit. On 7/9/20, ZAP's meeting report asserts that reduced nonconformity is no longer the goal of the rezoning - and the new goal is to solve the  housing supply and diversity crisis. Then, on 8/7/20, the Planning Department releases a new Draft of Article 3 with a clear specification of by right multi-unit housing and an ambiguous specification of by right two-family housing in all residence districts. In addition, the 8/7/20 Article 3 Draft deletes Section 3.1.1.D changing Special Permit Granting Authority from the City Council to the Mayor-appointed Planning Board for lots with up to 20 residential units. This is replaced by a recommendation to consider the SPGA "later" under Article 11.

The Crisis Marketing Approach is accompanied by monthly Boston Globe articles/editorials reporting that 1) Newton is all single-family housing instead of half single-family housing, 2) The new multifamily rezoning effort has been going on for years rather than since 6/29/20, 3) Zoning has historically been used to foster economic inequality.  The Boston Globe is owned by John Henry, who, as of 11/5/20,  ranks 299th out of the 400th richest Americans with a net worth of 2.8B, according to Forbes.
6/29/20 Planning Agenda Memo
Greenline-Newton Transit-Analysis
6/29/20 ZAP Report Memo (#88-20, pgs. 1-36: PowPt:9-36 )
#88-20: Presentation by Builders and Architects on Article 3. The Zoning and Planning Committee Report also asserts that reducing nonconformities is not the goal of the rezoning. "Reducing nonconformities should not be the main issue in zoning redesign when there are so many more important ones and even some advantages to nonconformities. These advantages include greater diversity and variety of style. Rather than reducing nonconformities, the issues most brought up by constituents are housing diversity, affordability, and sustainability." This is a complete Animal-Farm-Style reversal from the initial goals of the rezoning.
7/9/20 Planning Agenda Memo (#88-20: pgs. 1-3)
7/2/20 Planning Memo on #88-20 (pgs.1-2)
7/9/20 ZAP Report (pgs. 1-40: PowPt: 8-40) Revised opinion on nonconformity unimportance pgs. 7.
#88-20: Continued Presentation by Builders and Architects on Article 3. Newton Architect Marc Hershman, a member of the group of architects advising the Planning Department on the rezoning and also a member of the original 2007 Zoning Reform Group, spoke at length about the unsuitability of Form-Based Zoning for Newton. ZAP Committee member and City Council President Susan Albright suggested that this wasn't the time at tonight's meeting to debate the merits of form-based zoning, but that discussion should occur later, but this very fundamental discussion about the use of form-based zoning vs. FAR has NEVER occurred.  Instead, Mr. Hershman was put in the group of dissenting architect advisors on the rezoning who were exiled from the advisory group - as documented in a 9/30/20 letter from that group, cited below.  Furthermore, the importance of form-based zoning as a topic would be completely overshadowed before the next ZAP meeting by the Planning Department's 8/7/20 draft of greatly expanded multi-unit housing for all of Newton. Mr. Hershman's "form-based concerns" and Councilor Albright's "time concerns" can be heard beginning at the 2:22 time mark on the recording at
7/16/20 Planning Agenda Memo
7/10/20 Planning Memo #88-20
7/16/20 ZAP Meeting Report  (#88-20: pgs. 1-77,Pow PT: 10-77)
7/23/20 Boston Globe Publishes Story "In Newton, proposal would end single-family only zoning in large swaths of city"
#88-20: New Article 3 Draft is released including surprise multi-unit conversions by right and two-family housing (ambiguously) by right for all of Newton. The Planning Department also issues a  list of questions that the ZAP Committee members are supposed to ask at the ZAP Meeting.
8/13/20 Planning Agenda Memo 
7/31/20 Planning Memo
8/4/20 Councilor Crossley Letter
8/7/20 Draft Zoning Ordinance V3 - Article 3 Only
8/11/20 Planning Memo "Guiding Questions to Review Article 3 – Residence Districts"
8/12/20 Letter From Councilors Wright, Baker documenting errors in V3.
8/13/20 ZAP Report  (#88-20: pgs. 2-49, PowPt: pgs. 11-49)
8/21/20 A week after the release of the controversial new draft containing the by right multi-unit language and the ambiguous by right two-family by language, ZAP Chair Deborah Crossley cancels the next (8/31/20)  ZAP meeting in favor of private one-one sessions between the City Councilors and the Planning Department. This might have been done because the City Councilors failed to follow the prescribed list of questions that they were given by the Planning Department for the 8/13/20 meeting.  Some City Councilors write letters to the Newton Law Department and the Massachusetts Secretary of State to see if this action is in violation of Open Meeting Laws. The private one-in-one meetings do not occur and the ZAP meetings resume on 9/14/20.
ZAP Chair Crossley's 8/21/20 Cancellation Notice of 8/31/20 ZAP Meeting in favor of one-in-one meetings between Planning and City Councilors.
8/23/20 Boston Globe Publishes Editorial "Tear Down this Paper Wall Newton" linking lack of multi-unit housing with systemic racism.
#88-20: ZAP Chair Crossley restarts the ZAP meetings, by instructing the members to follow the previously issued list of questions that the ZAP Committee members were supposed to ask to guide the discussion. Councilors Albright, Baker, Bowman, Laredo, Wright Respond with written comments. Baker, Laredo, Wright are critical and still ask basic questions about whether the dimensional standards decrease large houses. why FAR is being rejected in favor of Form-based zoning, and whether it is appropriate that the Planning Department, rather than the City Council, is suggesting such major changes. Councilor Wright also feels that the new version 3 will increase teardowns and supplies a quantitative analysis to back this up. Councilor Bauman is more positive, but wants to know if the nonconformity rate will be high. Councilor Albright now thinks that decreasing  nonconformity is a red herring.
9/14/20 Planning Agenda Memo
9/9/20 memo from Chair Crossley instructing ZAP members to use the questions provided at the last 8/13/20 meeting.
Albright Letter
Baker Letter
Bowman Letter
Laredo Letter
Wright Letter
Wright analysis of how Version 3 allows larger homes to be built.
9/14/20 Planning Agenda with Revised Article 3: Residence Districts - V3.2 - addition of minimum House Type Widths from V3
9/14/20 ZAP Meeting Report (#88-20: pgs. 2-35, Pow Pt: pgs. 11-35)
9/30/20 Letter from a builder and six architects who had previously been advising the Planning Department, but who are now being excluded.[The letter signers include Mr. Hershman from the 7/16/20 ZAP Meeting.]  The letter is highly critical of both the content and process of the rezoning as follows: "Form-based zoning imposes a highly prescriptive approach to housing design and has been adopted predominantly in dense urban communities like Somerville. It is clearly ill suited to communities like Newton with a very diverse housing stock and varied lot sizes" and "We believe that based on the evidence we and others have presented, the proposed zoning plan disregards many of the original goals of the City Council for updating the city’s zoning code. As the proposal has evolved, it has become increasingly clear that it is being driven by ideology and not an evidence-based approach to updating and improving the city’s land use policies. The lack of objective quantitative analysis of issues with current zoning by the Planning Department is unacceptable in a city which touts its high standards for transparency and professionalism."
9/30/20 Letter from a builder and six architects. 
#88-20: The Planning Department answers ZAP questions from 9/14/20 meeting and presents revised 9/24/20 Draft of Article 3 sections on Garages.
10/1/20 Planning Agenda Memo with 9/24/20 revised garage ordinances in Article 3 V3.3 (pgs. 16-27)
10/1/20 ZAP Report with Planning PowerPoint (pgs. 11-33)
In response to 9/30/20 exiled architects views, Councilors Baker, Laredo, and Wright write a letter on 10/5/20 which is posted to the 10/5/20 meeting report with the request that the letter be responded to at the next 10/15/20 ZAP Meeting. The letter asks for three items:  1. The Zoning and Planning Committee should hear dissenting views directly from a group of local architects who recently wrote that they have been excluded from the group advising the Planning Department about its zoning proposals. 2. The Zoning and Planning Committee should be advised by the Law Department how homes which might become nonconforming under the proposed new zoning can be protected or find relief if changes need to be made. 3. The Zoning and Planning Committee should have an opportunity to discuss the current Planning Department proposals, including whether alternatives involving our current zoning code should be considered. 
#88-20: Article 3 - Residence Districts. Alternate Lot and Building Configurations and Rezoning Calendar.
10/9/20 Memo From ZAP Chair Deb Crossley which offers "Mythbusting" to dispel the "Hearsay" of the exiled architects' 9/30/20 letter documenting their firsthand experiences with the Newton Planning Department 
10/15/20 Planning Agenda Memo with 10/8/20 Revised Rear/Alternative Lot Config Ordinances - Article 3 V3.4
10/9/20 Planning Memo #88-20
10/15/20 Planning Presentation #88-20 (Pow Pt: pgs. 1-37)
10/15/20 ZAP Meeting Report (#88-20: pgs. 2-12) 
Two of the items in the 10/1/20 Baker/Laredo/Wright letter APPEAR to be partially addressed by the Planning Department in the revised calendar which schedules an entire 11/9/20 meeting on nonconformity and an entire 11/5/20 meeting on the Building Professional's comments on the Dimensional Standards. On the biggest issue , however, the Councilors' request that there be an opportunity to discuss alternatives to the Planning Department Building Type Framework, ZAP chair dismissed this possibility completely. Her justification is that once ZAP voted on the 4/27/20 goals (above) that the Planning Department had worked hard to achieve these goals and so their approach should be used. Councilor Crossley's pronouncement is at odds with the fact that the Planning Department had introduced their modified form based-approach 18 months(10/22/18) before the goals were voted on (4/27/20). This important exchange between Councilor Baker and Councilor Crossley can be heard at the 3:12:00 time mark on the meeting video at

 The important exchange is not contained in the meeting report - and the scheduled 11/9/20 meeting on nonconformity and the 11/5/20 meeting with the building professionals on the Building Type Dimensional Standards DO NOT OCCUR.
10/22/20 Boston Globe Publishes Story "Newton takes aim at its history of single-family zoning"
#88-20: Article 3 - Garage Ordinance. Excluded Architects from 9/30/20 letter are invited back to give presentation on garage ordinance. They give the presentation but also write another letter in which they "again express our discomfort a the pace, purpose, and conduct of the process as managed by your Committee, and expedited by the Planning Department." 
10/26/20 Letter from excluded Builder and Architects
10/26/20 Planning Agenda Memo (#88-20 on pgs. 123-130)
10/26/20 ZAP Meeting Report (#88-20 pgs. 5-34, Pow Pt: 11-34)
#88-20: Article 3 - Garage Ordinance. Scheduled meeting on nonconformity does not occur.
11/5/20 Planning Agenda Memo
11/5/20 ZAP Report with Planning PowerPoint pgs. 20 to 81
#88-20: Community Engagement Plan: Scheduled meeting with Building Professionals on Dimensional Standards does not occur.
11/6/20 Planning memo on Rezoning Community Engagement
11/9/20 ZAP Meeting Report with ZAP Power Point (pgs. 27-32)
Table 1B: Somerville's Proposed Zoning Ordinance Version Release Process -  50 meetings in 5 years with 4 Proposed Full Ordinance Versions and 5 Public Hearings. Proposed Ordinance Adopted on 12/12/19.
Meeting Number and Date Event and Links to Documentation. Proposed Zoning Versions are in Red. Draft Versions 1.0 to 3.0  are numbered by, as Somerville's does not start numbering the releases until Version 4  Rezoning Version Release Phase
Item 198429 Submission of Zoning Overhaul by Somerville Mayor to the Somerville City Council. Note  that the 1/22/15 submission contains a statement that the submission is "an update to the zoning ordinance overhaul that was first submitted to your board on December 11, 2014," but this 12/11/14 submission could not be located. A: First Zoning Overhaul Version Release - 1/22/15 through 5/31/16

17 Meetings in 16 months on first draft version 1. Public Hearing 5 weeks after draft is introduced with comment period ending 8 weeks after draft is introduced.
01/15/15 Somerville Proposed Zoning Version 1
198429 Public Hearing at Land Use Committee/Committee of the Whole:

Public Hearing with Land Use Committee Keeping Public Hearing Comment Period open to 3/27/15. This meant that the Public saw the draft on 1/22/15 and had over two months to make comments on it.
  Video of 3/15/15 Meeting including Public Hearing
 3/30/15 to
198429 Meeting of the Land Use Committee/Committee of the Whole:
15 Meetings held in which City Councilors ask questions, express concerns for impact on residents, and ask for specific data from the Planning Department, data that the Planning Department produces.
Meeting Summary of all 198429 meetings from 1/22/15 through 5/31/16
5/31/16 to
Rezoning Suspended while Somerville Planning Department works on new draft.
204953: Somerville Mayor submits to Somerville City Council a "new version of the zoning ordinance overhaul that reflects the extensive public process, technical analysis and follow-up meetings that we have completed since 2015."  B: Second Zoning Overhaul Version Release -
1/1/18 to  5/23/18

8 meetings in 5 months on Draft Version 2. This time the Public Hearing was held in the middle of the version attempt, 12 weeks after the draft was introduced with the public comment period ending 18 weeks after draft as introduced.
01/11/18 Somerville Proposed Zoning Version 2
  Meeting Summary of all 204953 meetings from 1/11/18 through 5/23/18
204953: 4 Meetings of the Land Use Committee/Committee of the Whole are held before the public hearing. 
204953: Land Use Committee/ Committee of the Whole : Public Hearing

The oral public testimonial closed tonight. Both Planning Board and Land Use Committee will keep the written testimonial portion open until May 25th.There are two more public meeting with the Planning Board staff on April 12 and 19. 
4/3/20 Public Hearing Video
204953: Land Use Committee/ Committee of the Whole 3 meetings.
206747  Mayor submits new version to City Council that "reflects comments and concerns expressed in the early 2018 review process." C: Third Zoning Overhaul Version Release -9/17/18 to  5/14/19

14 meetings in 8 months. Public Hearing held 1 month after draft release with public comment period ending 7 weeks after draft release.
09/27/18 Somerville Proposed Zoning Version 3
Meeting Summary of all 206747 meetings from 9/17/18 to 5/14/19 
206747: Land Use Committee/ Committee of the Whole 
206747 Public Hearing:
Several dates for closing the comment period were discussed by both the Planning Board and the Land Use Committee, considering their meeting schedules and recommendation timelines, i.e., the BOA will have 90 days from the close of the comment period to act on the proposal. Alderman Niedergang stated that he doesn't see a problem if the work on this proposal doesn't get done in time and another round of discussions is necessary. He doesn't want to be rushed through this process. Alderman McLaughlin advocated for more time and asked that the committee try to allow the maximum amount to time for deliberation. Mr. Proakis would like to leave enough time in case another public hearing becomes necessary. Alderman Scott commented that deliberations can’t commence until the comment period closes.

The Planning Board will close the period to receive written comments on Monday, November 26, 2018 at the close of business. The Land Use Committee will close the period to receive written comments on December 13, 2018 at the close of business.
10/30/18 Public Hearing Video
206747: 11 Land Use Committee/Committee of the Whole Meetings on Somerville Proposed Zoning - Version 3
208702: Mayor submits new version (labeled V4.0) of the "zoning ordinance overhaul that reflects the extensive public process, technical analysis and follow-up meetings that we have completed since 2015. " D: Fourth Zoning Overhaul Version Release -
8/22/19 to 11/21/19

7 meetings in 3 months. No Public Hearing 1 month after draft release.  Public Comment Period  ends 11/1/19, 9 weeks after draft release.
8/21/19 Somerville Proposed Zoning Version 4
Meeting Summary of all 208702 from 8/22/19 to 11/21/20
Public Hearing with Extended Public Comment Period open until 11/1/19
9/19/19  Public Hearing Video
208702: 5 Land Use Committee/Committee of the Whole Meetings on Somerville Proposed Zoning - Version 4
209339: Mayor presents new version of the proposed zoning ordinance - Version 4 Update E: Final Zoning Overhaul Version Release -
11/26/19 to 12/10/19

2 meetings in 2 weeks. Follows specifications of M.G.L. 40A §5(Adoption or change of zoning ordinances or by-laws; procedure)
The Last Version is released; The public gets the minimum two-week required viewing period; A public hearing is held; If a vote is held, it must be held within 90 days of the public hearing.
11/26/19 Somerville Proposed Zoning Version 4 Update
Meeting Summary of all 209339 from 11/26/19 to 12/10/19
Public Hearing with no extended Public Comment Period
12/10/19 Public Hearing Video
209428: Final Vote on amended version of 209339 proposed zoning ordinance - Version 4 Update Amended
[Amendment from Public Hearing version appears to be one word.]
F: Vote on Adopting Zoning Overhaul -

 1 Meeting on 1 day.
Meeting Summary of all 209428 on 12/12/19
12/12/19 Somerville Adopted Zoning [Version 4 Update Amended]
1C)  Comparative Somerville and Newton Timelines for Comprehensive Rezoning
Somerville Timeline for Zoning Overhaul with Standard Form-Based Zoning -  50 meetings in 5 years with 4  Proposed Full Ordinance Versions and 5 Public Hearings. Proposed Ordinance Adopted on 12/12/19.  Newton timeline for Zoning Redesign with Highly Modified Form-Based Zoning - 30 meetings in 2 years with 1 Proposed Full Ordinance Version and 0 Public Hearings. 19 of the 30 meetings are on Article 3: Residence Districts.  Article 3 has 3 versions (V1, V2, V3), but complete ordinance has only 1 version.
5 year process from 1/22/15 to 12/12/19 with one 19 month suspension. 2 year process so farm from 10/22/18 through the present with one 10 month suspension.
Date [Meeting Number] and Type Date [Meeting Number] and Type
01/22/15 [1] Submission of Rezoning Ordinance Draft V1 from Mayor to City Council:
Draft is full text of proposed ordinance
03/05/15 [2] V1 Public Hearing with
Comment Period Closing on 3/27/15
[3-17] 15 Land Use Meetings on V1
Somerville Rezoning Effort suspended while Planning Department writes new draft.
01/11/18 [18] Submission of Rezoning Ordinance Draft V2 from Mayor to City Council:
Draft is full text of proposed ordinance
[19-22] Four  Land Use Meetings on V2
04/03/18 [23] V2 Public Hearing with Comment Period Closing on 5/25/18
[24-26] 3 Land Use Meetings on V2
09/27/18 [27] Submission of Rezoning Ordinance Draft V3 from Mayor to City Council:
Draft is full text of proposed ordinance
10/16/18 [28] 1 Land Use  Meeting on V3 10/22/18 [1] Submission of Rezoning Ordinance Draft Version 1 from Director of Planning to ZAP:
Draft is full text of proposed ordinance
10/30/18 [29] V3 Public Hearing with Comment Period Closing on 12/13/18
[30-40] 11 Land Use Meetings on V3 11/26/18 [2] ZAP meeting on Article 3: Residence Districts
12/06/18 [3] Overview of  Version 1 presented to the City Council by the Planning Department
12/10/18 [4] ZAP meeting with brief continued discussion of Article 3: Residence Districts
01/04/19 [5] Discussion of Article 4: Village Districts
01/28/19 [6] Discussion of Article 5: Public Use & Recreation Districts and Article 6: Single Purpose Districts
02/25/19 [7] Discussion of all districts + Build-Out Analysis
03/11/19 [8]  Discussion of Article 10: Nonconformities and Article 11: Administration
03/26/19 [9] Discussion of Data Errors in the 3/11/19 Meeting. A Revised Rezoning Schedule is presented which suspends meetings in 2019, plans a second draft in January 2020 with City Council vote at the end of 2020.
08/22/19 [41] Submission of Rezoning Ordinance Draft V4 from Mayor to City Council:
Draft is full text of proposed ordinance
Newton Rezoning Effort Suspended but Planning Department does not write new draft
09/19/19 [42] V4 Public Hearing with Comment Period Closing on 11/1/19
[43-47] 5 Land Use Meetings on V4
11/26/19 [48] Submission of Rezoning Ordinance Draft V4-Updated from Mayor to City Council:
Draft is full text of proposed ordinance
12/10/19 [49] V4-Updated Public Hearing with No Comment Period
12/12/19 [50] Vote to Adopt Zoning Overhaul V4-Updated-Amended
  01/13/20 [10] Newton Rezoning is reintroduced as undocketed item with a target City Council vote date in late 2021 rather than 2020. Discussion is primarily about the "historical documents" justifying rezoning rather than the rezoning ordinance itself.
01/27/20 [11] More discussion of "historical documents" justifying rezoning.
02/10/20 [12] Schedule and Summary of Issues
02/25/20 [13] Discussion of All Districts Plus Build-Out Analysis
03/09/20 [14] Release of  Article 3: Residence Districts - Draft V2 from Planning Department to ZAP
[15-23] 9 ZAP meetings on Article 3 - V2
08/13/20 [24] Release of  Article 3: Residence Districts (partial)  - Draft V3 from Planning Department to ZAP. Section 3.1.1.D on Special Permit Granting Authority has been blanked out and marked "Reserved"
09/14/20 [25]  Release of  Article 3: Residence Districts (partial)  - Draft V3.1 from Planning Department to ZAP. V3 with addition of minimum widths for House Types B, C, D
10/01/20 [26]  Release of  Article 3: Residence Districts (partial)  - Draft V3.2 from Planning Department to ZAP. V3 with revised driveway restrictions. Version is labelled "DRAFT: Last Edited – 9/24/2020."
[27-30] 4 ZAP Meetings on Article 3 - V3, V3.1, V3.2